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Media Management

SDM's Insert Media Management Division matches selected third-party advertisers with companies that have regular mail and package distribution. A number of companies such as direct retailers, catalogers, and banks allow third-party, non-competitive advertising inserts into their out-going mail as a means of adding bottom-line revenue. Stanton Direct handles every aspect of insert program management including: submitting quality advertisers and offers for approval, negotiating rates, promoting the program to the market place, coordinate delivery and coordination of inserts to the mailing or fulfilment location, and collection of payment.

Our years in the industry and daily contact with industry brokers and advertisers allow us to introduce a new Insert Media program to the marketplace with extreme efficiency and speed. Some of the frequently asked questions below will provide a better understanding of this service.

What is the main benefit from being an Insert Media program owner?
Using "unused" weight in customer mailings and package shipments in is an easy way of creating a revenue stream. Insert Media program owners having been using their programs to produce significant bottom-line revenue without any risk of capital.

Why would third-party advertisers be interested in my company's Insert Media program?
Advertisers see many advantages in using Insert Media including: low cost, high open rates, implied endorsement, and ability to target and ability to track.

Will having an Insert Media program take up staff resources?
No, not necessarily. The purpose of having an Insert Media program manager is that any program logistics can be handled without adding work to your team.

How much control do I have over which advertisers are in my insert program?
Absolute control. Every advertiser that places an insert into a program will be approved by you first.

What impact will an Insert Program have on my production or fulfillment?
Typically, very little impact. If you mail statements or catalogs, most printers and mailing services can integrate your insert program into production without added complexity.

Are there any out-of-pocket costs associated with being a program owner?
The program can be set-up so that there are no out of pocket costs for the program owner.

Program expenses may include: envelope printing, collation, and freight of insert material. Some program owners prefer to be billed for these expenses, while others prefer these expenses to be offset against incoming revenue.

What kind of mail volume do I need to start an insert program?
For shipping customer orders, 250,000 annual packages is a reasonable starting point for building a program. For statements or other monthly mailings, 1,200,000 mail pieces a year is a good threshold. However, there may be exceptions if the mailing has a targeted affinity or covers a desirable geographic area.