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SDM's Insert Media Brokerage Division specializes in finding insert media opportunities that research your target audience. Stanton Direct has access to nearly every insert program available on the market and has long standing relationships with many of the industry s top Insert Media managers and program owners. Our interest in bringing a new client to this advertising channel revolves around mitigating any risk during the initial test. We realize that establishing a meaningful presence in this channel takes patience, but the reward of Insert Media is its scalability and economic efficiencies as an insert campaign grows.

The following reasons continue to make Insert Media a more attractive media channel for your offer or service:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • High open-rates
  • Implied endorsements
  • Positive-buying environments
  • Privacy-friendly
  • Access to customers not found on lists

The specialization of Insert Media requires us to educate our clients on the medium and gain an in depth understanding of your business and products. Therefore, we work diligently with a long term relationship in mind.

Some of the frequently asked questions below will provide a better understanding of this service.

What is Insert Media?
Insert Media is simply defined as an advertising medium that uses pre-existing distribution systems, such as billing statements, customer order packages, or newspapers, to circulate inserts, mini-catalogs, or multimedia CDs. Increasingly, direct marketers are using inserts as a cost-effective channel for acquiring customers.

What are the advantages of using Insert Media?
There are many advantages to using Insert Media including: low cost, high open rates, implied endorsement, and ability to target and ability to track.

Can I reach prospects with Insert Media that I can't with a traditional list?
Yes. Many catalogers, banks, and utility companies do not sell their customer list because of their commitment to privacy. Insert Media still protects privacy because the customer can choose with whom they share their personal information with.

What will an Insert Media broker do for me?
An Insert Media broker is an expert in researching and negotiating Insert Media opportunities. With over 1300 insert media programs on the market, having a professional with the knowledge to quickly determine which programs will have the most probability of success will save vital time.

The broker will also coordinate all logistics pertaining to the shipping, insertion, and status of your advertising inserts.

Other than the cost of placement, what costs are associated with Insert Media?
The other two out of pocket costs to consider are the printing and freight of the inserts. In both cases, Stanton Direct can recommend vendors that have very competitive pricing for both services.