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Stanton Direct Marketing

Integrating a print campaign with online marketing efforts is crucial for message consistency, tracking an acquisition source, and sales conversions.

Insert Media with Integrated Marketing
Stanton Direct Marketing specializes in the integration of offline and online advertising by using cost effective print media solutions to acquire new customers, retain customer relationships and drive online sales.


Insert Management Division:
Christie Cullinan, 607-738-2241

Media Buying Division:
Lori Fursman, 607-857-1345
329 Shappee St., Horseheads, NY 14845


Print is a powerful lead generation medium because it is tactile; providing your offer a longer shelflife and a better response rate than most online mediums. Print advertising has also proven to be the most effective brand building channel, carrying substantial credibility to potential customers. more...

Media Management

If your company sends mailings or packages, Stanton Direct Marketing can turn this resource into a revenue stream by including approved third-party advertising inserts. Our all-inclusive services handle all aspects - freeing you from day-to-day involvement...


We offer a full complement of support services which includes: marketing strategy, results and acquisition analysis, creative services, media integrating technologies, and parallel online placements. Our complement of...